10:00 AM TO 11:05 AM


11:10 AM TO 11:40 AM

Helwan University

11:45 AM TO 12:15 AM

Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Mr. Mahmoud Allam
Projects Manager – Incubation Programs
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ACB310BF-7C87-48E0-8096-025D56C4A45D - Dina Shennawy
12:20 PM TO 12:50 PM

Why German Education?

Ms. Dina Shennawy
Job title: School Relations Coordinator at the GIU. Graduated in 2021 from the German University in Cairo with double majors in Marketing & Innovation. She was involved in a variety of student activities and internships that had a main purpose of the personal development of high school students through different programs & workshops. She believes that we all have great potentials when provided with an environment that constantly strives for personal & academic development.
12:55 PM TO 01:25 PM

The German University in Cairo orientation session

Ms. Mai Abou El Yoser
Schools Relations Manager at the GUC for more than 10 years, with a masters degree acquired from the GUC majored at Marketing & Strategic Management (2017), graduated from Cairo University faculty of Mass communication( 2003). focusing on enhancing & building brand identity for the GUC by developing marketing plan for schools activities in current and new market nationally and internationally, this is through creating an open channels with the schools counselors & principals, to provide the students with the needed information to decide for their academic future, and finally attract the best candidates to became GUC ians!
01:30 PM TO 02:00 PM

Sinai University

02:00 PM TO 02:30 PM

Goethe-Institut: Studienkolleg

Mona El-Makawi
The Goethe-Institut Kairo is offering a foundation year for students that want to study in Germany. On that behalf, the Goethe-Institut Kairo is cooperating with the Technische Universität Berlin to allow students a preparatory year in the Studienkolleg Ägypten. The Studienkolleg is a gateway for STEM-Study in Germany.
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2:30 PM TO 04:05 PM