10:00 AM TO 10:30 AM

Personalized career paths choices

Mr. Omar Abdelsalam
Omar Abdelsalam is an teaching assistant at the British University in Egypt. Graduated back in 2019 , specializing in Entrepreneurship & Sustainability. Being top of his class, he started pursuing his post-graduate studies focusing on entrepreneurial marketing from the Arab Academy For Maritime and Transport. He also was responsible for the co-delivery of entrepreneurship-centric modules such as Entrepreneurial Organizations, Entrepreneurial People, Special Topics in Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Culture. Additionally, as a research in-country consultant, he is involved with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and several other international agencies, leading projects that are centered around female entrepreneurship in urban and rural areas. Moreover, he has on-ground experience with foreign direct investment in the micro-insurance industry over the time-span of 2 years. Furthermore, inclined towards entrepreneurship both pragmatically as well as academically, he has founded his own start-up that focuses on the improvement of youth’s soft skills by offering specialized presentation skills boot camps addressing both academic and corporate contexts. His business venture has been operating in the market for up to a year serving more than 200 college students, high school students, and corporate employees. Moreover, he has been involved in the faculty’s outreach programs, the university’s marketing campaigns as a public speaker and a trainer, and the world youth forum back in 2019.
IMG_20211214_142953_932 - Lamiaa Nasser
10:35 AM TO 11:05 AM

Business administration

Dr. Lamia mahgoub


Works as a teacher assistant in the faculty of business administration.
10:35 AM TO 11:05 AM

Media science

Mr. Ahmed Magdy Emam


Teacher assistant Cinema Department
6FC43970-EF71-4958-A54B-E019CADA04E7 - Ahmed Magdy Emam
266148830_364246065383623_5600036527473157659_n - christena ghandour
10:35 AM TO 11:05 AM

Teacher assistant in IAEMS

Ms. christena ghandour zaki


Works as an assistant teacher in the Engineering Division at the International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences. She received a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in 2019, now she is studying for a doctorate at the Faculty of Engineering in Menouf
11:10 AM TO 11:40 AM

Pearson Test of English (PTE) - Your Gateway To Universities Admission Without The Stress

Ms. Rania Nazih
Rania Nazih is a PTE Academic Business Development Specialist in the MENA region. She has been with Pearson Education since 2017, supporting Vocational Qualifications and English Language Learning. Rania has an expansive nine years working for the British Council supporting and endorsing UK qualifications and English Assessment in MENA. Her focus within her current role is to help educational and training institutes on their educational journey and PTE Academic Test-Takers on their learning and professional path.
Rania Nazih pic - Rania Nazih
IMG_3526 - Ahmed elshrkawy
11:45 AM TO 12:15 PM

Character Development through Emotional Intelligence

Mr. Ahmad Elshrkawy


Founder & President of CEO Business School Petroleum Engineer , MBA & DBA Holder with 14 years’ experience in Business Development, Marketing & Sales management . Freelancer Manager & Advisor in MKT, Sales and HR development, I established MKT, Sales & HR departments in 6 companies in different fields (Recruiting, Training & development, coaching … etc )
12:55 PM TO 01:25 PM

ESLSCA University

Mohamed El Essawi
Undergraduate Program Director
WhatsApp Image 2021-11-03 at 11.42.03 AM - Nadine Sakr
15492295_1199839086718348_6645090835833478479_n - Yasmin Omar
01:30 PM TO 02:00 PM

UH Presentation

Ms.Yasmin Omar
Graduate 2012 from Marketing Major, have 11 years of working experience, 3 years of admin work and 8 years of educational experience specifically in recruiting and marketing.
01:30 PM TO 2:00 PM

UH presentation

Mr. Mohab hesham mohamed
Graduated from Arab academy ( business management ) and have 7 years of experience in the education field.
14BBA015-71E0-4C4B-81C2-8E91849064AB - Abdallah Mahmoud Sabah
02:05 PM TO 2:35 PM

5 Major Investment to Make Before you Graduate: No Cash Needed

Abdallah Sabah
Abdallah is a serial entrepreneur and undergraduate student. He is currently the CEO of Entrepreneurs’ Society, a student-led entrepreneurship organization within AUC. He is also a Community Manager at Riseup Summit and the co-founder of ACES Technologies.
02:40 PM TO 03:10 PM

Future Jobs

Mr. George Marcus
Head of Science Department at Nottingham British School, former center exams manager (CEM), Cambridge, and a physics teacher with 20 years of experience. George is an electronics engineer who chose to work in the Education field 20 years ago. He taught Physics for national and international schools; British and American. He’s an IGCSE consultant with vast experience not just in teaching but in counseling students and helping them choose their careers and achieve their goals. He held several counseling conferences in Kuwait and he owns the Facebook page “Mr. George Marcus” on which he posts informative videos about international education especially IGCSE. #GeorgeMarcusTalk
IMG-20220726-WA0014 - George Marcus
1657404497444 - Marah Hussein
03:15 PM TO 03:45 PM

Egyptian Russian University

Dr. Marah Hussein
Demonstrator at Microbiology and Immunology department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Egyptian Russian University
03:15 PM TO 03:45 PM

Egyptian Russian University

Eng. Mahmoud Hamdy
Content Creator , Construction Engineer and Teaching Assistant
6D096028-254F-4FDD-8F45-C3694CCCC837 - Mahmoud Hamdy Youssef
DSC03349 2 - sherif tawfik
03:50 PM TO 04:10 PM

What is Souhoola and our new Education Program for university and school students

Mr. Shady Hossam
More than 21 years of experience in sales Dept. With excellent customer service and 17 years in banking and other multinational companies in addition to training and instructor skills certified in ISM and TOT
04:30 PM TO 05:00 PM

Future Technologies and Emerging Career Challenges

Professor Amr Eltawil
Prof Amr Eltawil is the dean of the School of Innovative Design Engineering of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST), Alexandria, Egypt. He is a professor of Industrial Engineering. He was the chairperson of the department of Industrial Engineering and Systems Management from 2011 to 2018. Prof Eltawil obtained his PhD from Alexandria University in 2003 through a channel program with University of Miami, Florida, USA. The research interests of Prof Eltawil are in the fields of applied operations research and discrete event simulation. Areas of interest include among others supply chain design and management, production planning and scheduling, service systems planning and management especially container terminal operations and management decisions, energy systems optimization, healthcare applications and call centres, as well as transportation and logistics. Prof Eltawil authored more than 100 papers published in international impacted journals and conferences as well as book chapters. Prof Eltawil conducted tens of training programs for industry on different topics such as on Supply Chain Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Management Skills, Project Management, as well as Safety Management. Also, he is an Enterprise Resource Planning systems consultant and implementation expert.
_DSC0107 - eltawil eltawil