EduTech Forum

The two-day forum aims to gather educational institutions, the world of work business leaders, IT firms, and stakeholders engaged in TVET and skills development in Egypt. The participants will brainstorm and discuss visions, policies, systems, and practices.

EduTech Forum topics

These are the proposed topics to be covered during the forum:

  • Global trends in developing vocational and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Changing the social perceptions of TVET.
  • Vocational and entrepreneurial needs for SDGs.
  • Exploring the TVET pathways to higher education.
  • The role of international organizations and development partners in TVET reform in Egypt.
  • The importance of new national initiatives with international partners such as “Work as a technician” & “TVET EGYPT” and others.
  • Advanced technical secondary school’s management mechanisms.
  • Developing the internal quality assurance in Technical and Vocational Education and preparing for ETQAAN Authority.
  • The labor market trends and future employment-related perspectives for TVET graduates.
  • TVET leaders in public institutions & the understanding of their strategic role in the country’s economic development.
  • The impact of digital transformation on labor markets. How can TVET systems respond to future demands? What are digital skills required?

EduTech Forum attendees

  • Honorable Ministers.
  • Members of the parliament and senators.
  • Writers, intellectuals, and public figures.
  • Experts in technical education, higher education, and technology.
  • Deans and heads of higher education institutions in which technical education graduates are enrolled.
  • Federation of Industries and Businessmen in the fields of industry,agriculture, tourism, health, real estate development, and others.
  • Heads of the new technical secondary schools’ board of directors.
  • International companies operating in the Egyptian and MENA Region.
  • International donors working in Egypt with projects aimed at developing and improving technical education.
  • National institutions and NGOs that aim to achieve their social role.
  • Chambers of Commerce