EduTech Exhibition

The 2 days exhibition will be accompanying the Form. It will gather Exhibitors who cover the best TVET schools, institutions, universities and other stakeholders to open new careers and opportunities for TVET students and the Egyptian labors.


  • Applied and technical schools
  • New technological universities
  • International partners’ projects and initiatives
  • Technology Education Complexes
  • Technology solutions companies
  • TVET Institutions and training centers

The Exhibition

  • EduTech will present an exhibition of new Higher Education pathways provided to TVET graduates.
  • The exhibition accommodation of accredited training centers, offering skills and qualifications development of TVET trainers.
  • Exhibitors of market leaders who represent a promising market sectors, stakeholders, and vocational education and training system.
  • 5000+visitors of students who are seeking new career opportunities.
  • TVET and applied schools representing their practical curricula and admission requirements.
  • Professional experts from intelligent vocational education institutions presenting a variety of opportunities to the TVET local institutions.

Exhibition visitors

  • Students of preparatory grade and secondary schools
  • Students of technical high school
  • Parents
  • Industry leaders
  • TVET experts